When we aren't working, we are playing!

Weston Idaho is where Matt and Melissa Beckstead reside.  Weston is located in the south eastern corner of Idaho.  We enjoy living  and rasing our family in beautiful Cache Valley.  We have 3 children Taylor (South Dakota State Univ.), Brittanie (Idaho State Univ.) and Jackson (West Side High School).  We are very proud of them and their accomplishments in school and have enjoyed watching them participate in a variety of sports over the years. In all reality the kids are what keeps us busy and thriving.  We definitely miss the college kids' help while Taylor and Brittanie are away, and love when they come home. Jackson does a great job helping out when he isn't busy studying or playing football and wresting. 

We love our time working together on the farm, but definitely look forward to spring when all the goats are on pasture and things slow down a bit, and we get to spend time away from the farm.  Together as a family we enjoy hunting, fishing, camping, boating, riding 4 wheelers and mostly just spending time outdoors. 

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